Why not DEFIL LOTOS ? Let's start from the beginning and clear some informations.

LOTOS just like it's sister SAMBA weren't designed in DEFIL factory. In 1965 in Factory of Accordions, Bydgoszcz (BFA, BEFA) a project of electric guitar was born. Alongside first electric SOLID BODY bass idea had appeared. The inspiration here is very clear. LOTOS body and some other details had been taken from it's origin – swedish guitar HAGSTROM KENT

źródło http://www.hagstrom.org.uk

Production of this project began year later in 1966. LOTOS and mentioned SAMBA started to be assembled in BFA. It's worth to put weight on the word "assembled", because since the beginning bodies and necks were produced in LUBIN. Using DEFIL and MUZA parts (machine heads, plastic parts etc.), BFA finished the guitars. In 1968 LOTOS had started to be produced pararelly in Lubin, just to be the only producer year later. LOTOS with minor changes was produced till 1974, when his succedor BASTON came.



Defil lotos bas

Maple, poplar and beech was used to produce LOTOS, most models has got additional wooden top.


·       Scale - 780 mm (less than 31", but much more than 30")

·       Bolt On neck

·       Tune-O-Matic system bridge 

·       Muza 2+2 tuners

·       2 single coils

·       2x Volume, 1x Tone control

Thanks to Jurek K for his knowledge help 



LOTOS 1968

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